STORE Partners with GeoFORCE Texas for Teacher Professional Development

STORE members, Dr. Jon Olson, Dr. Hilary Olson, Dr. Susan Hovorka and Dr. Katherine Romanak partnered with GeoFORCE Texas, the nation's largest college prep program for earth sciences, to provide a two-day professional development workshop for almost 50 teachers at the Radisson Hotel in Austin on March 7-8, 2011.

The workshop, entitled "Energy and You: What to do with CO2", exposed middle- and high-school  teachers from southwest Texas and the Houston, Texas area to the broad issue of our future energy mix, how fossil fuels fit into that mix, and how technological solutions, such as carbon capture and storage, play a role in the options for 21st century low-carbon footprint energy sources. Austin Energy partnered with STORE to provide the teachers with a site visit to the solar installation at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and an introduction to Smart Grid Technology.

We thank Russell Cowen (Austin Energy Education Coordinator), Shayna Lee (Austin Energy Multi-Family & Solar Programs), and Beverly Bonevac (Austin Energy Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project Coordinator) for putting together a very complementary program to our STORE activities. We would like to extend our appreciation to the Society of Petroleum Engineers for providing classroom materials from their Energy4Me program.  

And special thanks to Dr. Eleanour Snow and Ms. Naiva Morales of GeoFORCE Texas at the Jackson School of Geosciences, UT Austin, who facilitated the program, coordinated with teachers and provided logistical expertise for the workshop.