Explore UT 2010

The University of Texas at Austin hosted its 11th annual Explore UT, a day of events, performances, exhibits, lectures and  activities for the entire family. More than 50,000 K-12 students flooded the 40 Acres at the 11th annual Explore UT event.

This is the first year that out-of-state schools, one from Oklahoma and two from Louisiana, have participated in the event. STORE presented a booth entitled "What To Do with CO2: Cures for the Feverish Earth". The booth looked at several questions:

What is energy and how do we consume it?

How does the burning of fossil fuels release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?

How do greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, affect the temperature of the Earth?

What is carbon dioxide and where can it be found?

How are scientists pumping carbon dioxide underground to store it in rock layers and keep it out of our atmosphere?

Booth presenters included: Dr. Susan Hovorka (BEG), Dr. Hilary Olson (UTIG) and Dr. Jon Olson (PGE) of STORE, Dr. Jiemin Lu (post-doc) and students Stuart Coleman and Silvia Solano from the Jackson School of Geosciences.